Meal time
We promote good health and nutrition for our Boykins and for the game they hunt. We feed
our dogs nothing but the best, PRO PLAN by Purina. PRO PLAN provides a complete and well-
balanced diet which helps maintain their strength and stamina while in the field. It also helps
promote healthy skin and shiny coats. I, personally have been using PRO PLAN for fifteen
years and always been very satisfied with this brand of dog food. When it comes to feeding
your working dog then there is no match. Purina does a good job in formulating their foods
that will cater to various breed sizes and life stages. I highly recommend trying it.

When it comes to feeding the game that our Boykins hunt we provide them good nutrition
also. We have various food plots planted with corn, soybean, millet, Milo and most of all,
MOSSY OAK “BIOLOGIC”.  It is a easily maintainable green that is irresistible to turkey and
deer. They have a variety of greens that can be planted. They all are fantastic. Plant it and see
the results. If you feed them, they will come!
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