Home address
or cell
Have you ever owned a Boykin?
Do you own any other dogs or pets?
How many? And What?
How many? And ages?
Do you have children?
Married or single?
Give a brief description where you live? Or kind of house you live in? Example; 5 acre
farm/ ranch,  subdivsion/neighborhood, city/ county,  house/condo/apartment
Is your yard fenced in or will your Boykin have "free range" ?
Where  do you plan your Boykin to stay during the day when you are not home?
At night?
Boykins love playing in water. Would you give your Boykin access to play and enjoy
activities around water?
What kind of bodies of water?: creeks,ponds lakes, rivers,ocean?
What type of hunting do you do?
Do you do hunt?
Do you plan to hunt with your Boykin?
Boykins are very active. How do you plan to keep your Boykin exercised and active if you are
not going to hunt?
Do you prefer female or male?
What other breeders have you contacted to purchase a Boykin from? Please list .....
Are you currently on waiting list for other Boykin litters?.
What is your time frame in adopting a Boykin?
How did you find us? Gun dog online ad? Newspaper ad? Website search? Friend? Other?
Questions, comments, or feedback:
We will place your information on file and respond to you when we are expecting
puppies. We hope we can serve you with a quality Boykin Spaniel puppy. Thanks for
your replies to our questionnaire.                                                                  
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