Clip Away!

The Boykin Spaniel has a rich liver coat with auburn highlights. It can be wavy, curly
and what I call straight. The tips of the hairs gets sun bleached at times in which it
gives a golden hue around the ears. During the winter months there is not much
you can do to groom the Boykin coat. One good tip is to brush and check once a
week for hitchhikers. Hitchhikers are all the burs and plant seeds that the Boykin
collects during their excursions hunting and being outdoors. Late spring and early
summer is really the time to groom their coats. This can be a task if you do it
yourself. First and foremost, give your Boykin a very good bath and  try to dry them
off as much as possible. Next, I start to cut the longer hair around the ears and legs
with scissors. It seems that around the ears gets matted pretty good, so be gentle
and do not nip the ear. Once your done, use a good set of electric grooming
clippers. I like and recommend OSTER clipper model A5. I also use the ANDIS 2
speed model which is a quieter model and doesn't’t make some of our Boykins
nervous while grooming. I have numerous size blades that are interchangeable for
both brands. Blades #7 and #10 work very good. I also use #40 on the belly area to
make it a little bit comfortable during the hot months. Definitely, be careful with this
blade because it will cut a lot of hair real fast. (BALD). While grooming with the
electric clippers make sure they are oiled and keep dirt from dulling the blades. I
use a product called “ Blade Wash” sometimes when the blade is not cutting
efficiently. If you don’t feel comfortable clipping and grooming your Boykin then I
suggest your local dog salon. Be safe and good luck! Make sure your Boykin looks
good!   Clip away!
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