The Boykin spaniels attributes can be one that is dauntless and bold. When given
the task to flush and retrieve game from land or water, their relentlessness is backed
to please their master. The Boykin was designed for those who hunt by foot.
Depending on the preference of game and with proper training they are excellent in
scenting, tracking, and hunting both fur and feathered game. A Boykin Spaniel has a
short to medium range that will suit every field hunters needs. If you prefer to hunt on
water, the Boykin is very skillful and enthusiastic. It seems that it is just as strong and
agile as on land. Granted, the Boykin is small and compact, and to compare it to the
traditional, larger water retrieving hunting breeds, it would not be justified. Historically,
they were used in the swamps of
South Carolina, in which the locals spoke, “the dog
that does’t rock the boat”. One neat aspect about the Boykin is that in their genetics,
they have the
Chesapeake Bay Retriever, in which I think everybody knows their
reputation for being excellent water dogs. Being so, this helps the Boykin gain many
supporters in the water hunting community. Understanding the Boykin’s physical
characteristics is to appreciate that the Boykin spaniel is an
all-around gun dog.
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